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Rich soil, good climate, and refined production techniques combine in Yamhill County to produce high quality crops and timber.  Agriculture and lumber production are the leading industries in Yamhill County with agricultural income ranking from 3rd to 5th among Oregon counties at over $500 million annually.

Our current work includes assisting USDA-NRCS with implementing a variety of programs that encourage soil resource protection and enhancement.  The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is being used to increase adoption of conservation tillage with are grass seed producers to protect those soils from soil erosion.  The district has partnered with Yamhill county to establish a program to seed all roadside ditches after they are cleaned using a hydro-mulch machine and a straw applicator purchased by the district using grant funds.  The district provides input on county land use applications from a natural resource perspective and to raise awareness of the value of soils.  The district has taken an active role in conservation of productive soils by establishing a conservation easement program which has limited development rights on over 1000 acres of land since 2003.

Fact Sheets

Please Take a look at the Resource Fact Sheets for improving or protecting agricultural water quality or available below:



Nutrient Management

Pesticides and Chemicals

Roadways and Staging Areas

Managing your Streambank

Waste Management

Looking for Soil Maps?

Check Out the Web Soil Survey which is an online resource for soil maps. This tool provides the most up to date soil maps available from the NRCS. Soil types are very influential on land use. It is important to be aware of the soils types you have on your property to assist you in managment.

Web Soil Survey Instructions


Soil and Water Testing Labs:

Soil Consulting:

Andy Gallagher, CPSSc/SC, Corvallis, (541) 745-7878,

Dennis E. Hutchison, CPSSc/SC, Umpqua, (541) 673-9783

Gerald Simonson, CPSSc/SC, Albany, (541) 926-7485

Growing Soils, Gary Kitzrow, Roseburg, (503) 673-0373,

Joel Norgren, CPSSc/SC, Corvallis, (503) 753-6064

John Parcell, CPSSc/SC, Tigard, (503) 968-6033

Northwest Resource Consultants, Robert Coleman CPSSc/SC, Olympia, (360) 866-2778

Steve Wert CPSSc, Bend, (541) 617-9100

Water Testing:

Waterlab Corp, Salem, (503) 363-0473

Alexin Analytical Laboratories Inc., Tigard, (503) 639-9311