Up to Date Flow Information!

Oregon Water Resources Department is sharing weekly flow information with Yamhill and Polk SWCDs for basins that experienced water use restrictions last summer. Currently, the flow for the S. Yamhill are in the bottom 25% of flows on record, so we are encouraging water users to be aware of flow levels to be best prepared if restrictions are implemented. 

South Yamhill R. @ McMinnville (Bayou Golf Course)

55.25 cfs @ 11:56 - 07/26/2016

WSU extension has a number of irrigation management tools on their website that we encourage water users to explore to best manage water resources.  Please refer to: http://irrigation.wsu.edu/ for more information on irrigation efficiency in the Pacific Northwest.

Regulation on the S. Yamhill River will occur for junior users upstream of the test location at the Bayou Golf Course once the flows are below 15 cfs.